Phased Array System Toolbox


Phased Array System Toolbox

Design and simulate phased array and beamforming systems

Phased Array Design and Analysis

Model and analyze the behavior of active or passive electronically scanned arrays (AESA or PESA), including the array geometry, subarrays, custom antenna elements, polarization, and perturbed elements.

Beamforming and DOA Estimation

Model narrowband and broadband digital beamforming algorithms. Suppress interferences with adaptive beamformers. Use STAP techniques to remove clutter. Estimate DOA of incident signals. Simulate nearfield beamforming with spherical wavefronts.

Waveform Design and Signal Synthesis

Design pulsed waveforms, continuous waveforms, and matched filters. Analyze waveform ambiguity functions. Synthesize baseband IQ data for signals and target returns for monostatic and bistatic arrays.

MIMO Wireless Communications

Model multibeam and electronically steerable antennas for MIMO communication systems. Partition beamforming architectures into baseband and RF subsystems.

Radar and EW Systems

­Simulate radar and EW signal processing systems. Model radar frequency agility to counter jamming and interference. Extract waveform parameters and classify received signals.

Sonar and Spatial Audio

Model sonar systems from source to receiver including the effects of target reflection, multipath propagation, and noise interference. Simulate beamforming for spatial audio systems.

Detection, Range, and Doppler Estimation

Perform matched filtering, stretch processing, pulse compression, pulse integration, range and Doppler estimation, and constant false alarm rate (CFAR) detection.

Algorithm Acceleration and Code Generation

­Speed up simulations and applications with generated C/C++, or with dataflow domains in  Simulink. Follow reference workflows to generate HDL code from Simulink models.

“Hybrid beamforming system design for 5G massive MIMO arrays using MATLAB, Phased Array System Toolbox, and 5G Toolbox helped us in evaluating various hardware options as well as their performance in realistic 5G scenarios.”

Ganesan Thiagarajan, MMRFIC Technology Private Limited

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