NASA - Orion GN&C: MATLAB and Simulink Modeling Standards

The Orion Guidance, Navigation, and Control MATLAB and Simulink Standards document describes the modeling standards and guidelines that the Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV) Flight Dynamics Team (FDT) are using while developing and coding the guidance, navigation, and control (GN&C) algorithms using Simulink®, Stateflow®, MATLAB® language for code generation, and Embedded Coder®.

The Orion NASA/Contractor team used the MathWorks Advisory Board (MAB) guidelines as a starting point, and updated and expanded it as required for the Orion program. The standards provide guidelines for several aspects of the GN&C models, including stylistic rules, modeling tool selection, and configuration setting, which affect model readability as well as the generated code.

schematic comparing traditional design process

Schematic comparing a traditional design process and the approach used to develop Orion GN&C software. Image courtesy NASA.