MATLAB and Simulink for RF Systems

Design and test multifunction RF systems like radar, wireless communications, and electronic warfare systems

Design, prototype, and test architectures, algorithms, and antenna arrays for the next generation of multifunction RF systems. Whether working on wireless communications, radar, and electronic warfare (EW) systems, you can use MATLAB and Simulink to rapidly prove viability of new technology concepts, eliminate design problems early in the development cycle, and streamline design verification.

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Radar and Electronic Warfare Systems

You can use MATLAB and Simulink throughout the product lifecycle, from requirements definition to component design and simulation, test, deployment, and certification. Streamline your radar system design, from antenna array analysis to radar signal processing algorithms, and data processing to control. Radar Toolbox includes algorithms and tools for designing, simulating, analyzing, and testing multifunction radar systems. Reference examples provide a starting point for implementing airborne, ground-based, and shipborne radar systems.

Radar system development workflow overview.

Support for wireless and radar system design, illustrating standards, scenario modeling, end-to-end simulation, R F and antenna modeling, and deployment hardware.

Communications Systems

Leverage the flexibility of MATLAB and Simulink to design, simulate, test, and deploy advanced wireless communication systems. Perform scenario modeling, end-to-end link-level, and system-level simulation that includes standards-based waveform generation as well as modeling and treatment of RF impairments and interference. You can create reusable golden reference models for iterative verification of wireless designs, prototypes, and implementations.

Developing with and Deploying to Hardware

Hardware is crucial for testing, validating, and fielding mission critical radar, communications, and electronic warfare systems. With MATLAB and Simulink, you can perform over-the-air testing with RF instruments such as signal generators and spectrum analyzers, validate communications algorithms, using software-defined radio hardware such as the USRP. You can implement algorithms on FPGA, ASICs, or high-performance hardware such as the Xilinx RFSoC.

Test and develop using hardware directly from MATLAB

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