Antenna Toolbox


Antenna Toolbox

Design, analyze, and visualize antenna elements and antenna arrays

Antenna Modeling and Analysis

Use Antenna Designer app to interactively design and visualize antennas using a catalog of nearly 100 parameterized elements, including various dipole, monopole, patch, spiral, fractal, and horn antennas. Add backing structures such as reflectors or cavities. Specify metal properties and dielectric substrates to estimate losses and efficiency.

Array Modeling and Analysis

Use Antenna Array Designer app to interactively design linear, rectangular, circular, and conformal arrays and compute the effect of mutual coupling. Perform infinite array analysis for modelling large antennas.

Benchmarking and Verification

Analyze antenna elements and arrays using the full-wave 3D MoM. Compute port properties such as impedance and S-parameters, current and charge distribution, and near- and far-field radiation patterns. Compare analysis results with antenna measurements or with state-of-the-art scientific articles.

Custom Geometry and PCB Fabrication

Use PCB Antenna Designer app to interactively design antennas and arrays. Import Gerber files or combine geometric shapes to define the boundary of the antenna, add multiple metal and dielectric layers, insert vias, and specify probe or insert feed points.

Optimization, Matching, and Tuning

Use SADEA optimization (ML based) technique for multiple design variables to improve the performance of your antenna. Integrate with common optimization techniques available in Global Optimization Toolbox. Use the impedance and S-parameters of antennas and antenna arrays in the design of matching networks using RF Toolbox. Use RF PCB Toolbox to design distributed matching networks using the catalog elements.

Antenna Installation and Large Structure Analysis

Install antennas and antenna arrays on platforms such as cars, airplanes, or ships. Determine the radar cross section (RCS) of large objects for accurate target detection. Solve the large structures using Physical Optics (PO), MoM-PO, or Fast Multipole Method (FMM).

Import and Visualize Custom Patterns

Import radiation patterns from MSI Planet antenna files (.MSI or .PLN). Visualize far- and near-field data using 3D or polar plots. Interactively inspect the data and compute antenna metrics. Reconstruct the 3D radiation pattern from 2D orthogonal slices.

RF Propagation Models

Compute coverage and communication link properties using 3D geographical maps. Account for earth diffraction and reflection using Longley-Rice or Terrain Integrated Rough Earth Model™ (TIREM™) propagation models. Evaluate coverage in urban scenarios using ray tracing propagation models.

“Analysis of Vivaldi element pattern, forming an array and performing mutual coupling analysis for the receiver chain was key to system simulation in implementing an aperture level beamforming chain for Radio astronomy application”

Kaushal Buch, Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (GMRT) NCRA-TIFR

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