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Satellite Communications Toolbox

Simulate, analyze, and test satellite communications systems and links

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Scenario Generation and Visualization

Generate satellite scenarios. Model and visualize satellite orbits. Perform access and link analyses with ground stations.

Orbit Propagation and Visualization

Model satellites with two-body, SGP4, or SDP4 orbit propagators. Visualize 2D and 3D satellite orbits including field of view, ground tracks, and sky plots for navigation. Generate satellite constellations from TLE files or ephemeris data.

Access and Link Analysis

Analyze line-of-sight access. Compute link closures from satellites to ground stations or between satellites. Simulate multihop communications links between ground stations.

Link Budget Analysis

Configure, analyze, and visualize link budgets for satellite communications. Perform availability and sensitivity analyses.

Link Budget Analyzer App

Analyze, design, and visualize link budgets for satellite communications. Evaluate link budget tradeoffs by customizing parameters including free space path loss, power amplifier gains, and link distances. Customize the analysis with additional user-specified input parameters.

Analyzing and visualizing satellite link budgets.

Availability and Sensitivity Analyses

Analyze uplinks, downlinks, and crosslinks. Calculate link margins. Estimate transmission powers needed to achieve a desired availability under various environmental conditions based on ITU-R P.618 propagation loss models.

Analyzing link availability using an ITU-R P.618 channel model.

Waveform Generation

Generate standard-based waveforms for satellite communications (DVB-S2, DVB-S2X, and CCSDS) and navigation (GPS). Use your generated waveforms as a golden reference for your design.

Satellite Communications Waveforms

Generate Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS) waveforms including Telecommand (TC) and Telemetry (TM). Generate Digital Video Broadcasting Satellite waveforms including Second Generation (DVB-S2) and Second Generation extended (DVB-S2X) transmissions.

Generating a DVB-S2 time-domain waveform.

Satellite Navigation Waveforms

Generate GPS legacy navigation (LNAV) data, including its frame structure, using ephemeris and almanac data.

Generating GPS waveforms.

Link-Level Simulation

Simulate satellite communications links using DVB-S2, DVB-S2X, and CCSDS transmissions. Model propagation channel, transmitter, and receiver operations. Analyze link performance by computing bit error rate (BER) and packet error rate (PER) metrics.

Channel Modeling

Use ITU-R P.618 propagation loss models to design Earth-space links for satellite communications systems. Use ETSI-specified Rician and land mobile satellite (LMS) channels for link-level simulation of geostationary (GEO) satellites.

Instantaneous power of a Land Mobile-Satellite channel.

Receiver Design

Demodulate and decode DVB-S2, DVB-S2X, and CCSDS received waveforms. Include effects of RF front-end impairments and corrections. Measure bit error rate (BER) and packet error rate (PER) to characterize performance.

Synchronized and equalized DVB-S2X received signal.

Golden Reference Design Verification

Use customizable and editable algorithms as golden references for design verification. Generate C code from open MATLAB algorithms using MATLAB Coder.

Reference Design MATLAB Code

Explore and use transmitter, channel model, and receiver link-level operations that are expressed as open and customizable MATLAB® code. Customize the algorithms used in calculations of link budget, link availability, and link sensitivity analyses.

Open and customizable MATLAB code for DVB-S2X waveform generation.

C or C++ Code Generation

Generate portable C or C++ source code, or standalone applications from your MATLAB applications that use Satellite Communications Toolbox. Use the generated C or C++ source code or executable to verify your designs outside the MATLAB environment.

C or C++ code generation.