Video and Webinar Series

Getting Started with VEX Robotics Using MATLAB and Simulink

Get started using MATLAB and Simulink with Simulink Support for VEX Cortex Microcontroller to program a VEX EDR robot. Gary Garber, from BU Academy, demonstrates how to use these tools to operate the robot both manually and autonomously to perform competition-related tasks.

Download the curriculum materials.

Part 1: Autonomous Robot Motion - Forward and Reverse Using Stateflow to design simple autonomous motion for VEX-based mobile robots.

Part 2: Dead Reckoning Using Time-Based Logic in Stateflow Learn to perform dead reckoning tasks on the VEX robot using the Temporal Logic function in Stateflow.

Part 3: Autonomous Robot Motion with Bumper Sensors Using bumper sensors to limit a robot’s motion.

Part 4: Robot Motion Control with Integrated Encoder Learn to autonomously control the motion of your VEX robot in a pre-defined path using wheel encoders.

Part 5: Obstacle Detection using Ultrasonic Sensor Learn to autonomously control the motion of your VEX robot when it detects an obstacle in its path.

Part 6: Proportional Motor Control During Obstacle Detection Learn how to design a controller to make a smooth stop when your robot detects an obstacle.