Video and Webinar Series

Online Teaching with MATLAB and Simulink

Whether you are transitioning a classroom course to a hybrid model, developing virtual labs, or launching a fully online program, MathWorks can help you foster active learning no matter where it takes place. Discover videos that demonstrate resources and ideas for providing hands-on experience with MATLAB® and Simulink®, plus examples of delivering instruction, engaging students using virtual labs and projects, and assessing outcomes in your preferred learning platform.

Online Teaching and Virtual Labs with MATLAB and Simulink Universities have integrated more online courses into their curricula. MathWorks has developed tools to support instructors as they adapt to the new teaching modalities. Learn how these tools support your course development and workflow.

Teaching with MATLAB Overview Learn about Teaching with MATLAB, a 90-minute, self-paced course that shows you how to engage students and scale your instruction with cloud-based tools from MathWorks.

Instructional Resources

Live Script Features for Online Teaching Learn the main features of live scripts applicable to teaching online while working with a simple example.

Live Scripts for Online Teaching: Solving a Heat Equation Example Learn how to use a live script to teach a comprehensive story about heat diffusion and the transient solution of the heat equation in 1-dim using Fourier analysis.

From Instructors to Students – Distributing Files Through an LMS Using MATLAB Drive Learn how instructors and students can share files using MATLAB Drive folder links distributed through a Learning Management System.

From Students to Instructors – Collecting Assignments in an LMS Using MATLAB Drive Learn how students and instructors can share files with MATLAB Drive folder links collected through a Learning Management System.

Online Assessments

Autograded Assessments with MATLAB Grader MATLAB Grader allows faculty, instructors and instructional designers to create interactive MATLAB course problems, automatically grade student work, provide feedback, and integrate these tasks into learning management systems (e.g. Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas).

Using a MATLAB or Simulink Course as an LMS Assignment Learn how instructors can use online MATLAB or Simulink courses and Onramp tutorials as assignments within a Learning Management System.

Using MATLAB Grader for Assignments in the Canvas LMS Learn how instructors can add automatically graded MATLAB-based assignments to their Canvas learning management system using MATLAB Grader.

Using MATLAB Grader for Assignments in the Blackboard LMS Learn how instructors can add automatically graded MATLAB-based assignments to their Blackboard learning management system using MATLAB Grader.

MATLAB and Simulink Examples in Physics Courses Michele McColgan of Siena College shows how to add simple introductory activities and autograded assessments using MATLAB and Simulink to homework, quizzes, and exams in general and upper-level physics courses.

Teaching Engineering with MATLAB Grader and MyLab Engineering Learn how to use MATLAB Grader, embedded in Pearson’s MyLab Engineering, to automate grading and give students real-time feedback to improve programming instruction in first-year engineering.

Teaching Mathematics with Traditional Assessment vs. MATLAB Grader Learn how Dr. Kwa Kiam Heong from the Institute of Mathematical Science at Universiti Malaya enhances teaching and learning in his Introduction to Computing course by using online assessments.

Virtual Labs

Advancing Engineering Education with Virtual Labs Watch a demonstration of virtual lab activities in engineering education that adapt existing instructional and development workflows in the laboratory to new online formats.

Teaching Modeling and Controls with the MATLAB Live Editor Professor Richard Hill demonstrates how to use the MATLAB Live Editor to help your instruction come alive and engage your students with interactive exercises and animations.

Teaching Vibrations and Control Labs Online Using Simscape and MATLAB Apps See Dr. Ayse Tekes from Kennesaw State University demonstrate the virtual labs developed with Simulink and Simscape to let students simulate and visualize modeling and control of dynamical systems for mechanical vibrations.