Semiconductors, Communications, and Electronics Webinar Series

MATLAB, Simulink, and Polyspace are used by Engineers working on Semiconductors, Communications and Electronics in a variety of ways, from Algorithm and System Design, to Implementation, Verification, Manufacturing, Characterization and Validation. This series of webinars will illustrate some of their most exciting capabilities.

Upcoming Events

Date Webinar Title Register 
26-Jun-24 Modeling 5G Non-Terrestrial Network (NTN) Links in MATLAB Register
27-Jun-24 Early Verification of RADAR Front Ends with Model-Based Design Register
17-Jul-24 AI with Model-Based Design: Reduced Order Modeling Register
23-Jul-24 Design of 5G mmWave Beamforming Systems Register
24-Jul-24 I Need Results Yesterday: Accelerating Your Wireless Communications Simulations Register

Past Events

Category Webinar Title Link
MATLAB/Simulink platforms Introduction to MATLAB  Watch

21 MATLAB Features You Need Now  Watch
  15 Simulink Features You Need Now  Watch
  Using MATLAB with Python  Watch
  Modeling and Simulation of Battery Systems with Simulink  Watch
  Modelling and Simulation of Faults in a Battery System  Watch
Wireless Communications Explore 6G technology with MATLAB  Watch
  Enabling Multi-Domain Communications: Satellite Orbit Modeling and SatCom Link Simulation  Watch
  Building Satellite Communication Systems in MATLAB  Watch

Ray Tracing for Wireless Communications  Watch
  Beamforming for MU-MIMO in 5G New Radio  Watch
  O-RAN Modeling and Simulation with MATLAB  Watch
  AI for Wireless Communications  Watch
  Bluetooth Modeling in MATLAB  Watch
  Interference and Coexistence of Bluetooth and Wireless Systems  Watch
  Wireless Positioning and Localization Design with MATLAB  Watch
  Model, Simulate, and Test 5G NR PHY in MATLAB  Watch
  Wireless Over-the-Air Testing using SDRs  Watch
Analog, Mixed-Signal, and RF
Optimization of Mixed-Signal ICs with MATLAB  Watch
  SerDes Design and Signal Integrity Analysis of USB4 v2.0 with MATLAB  Watch
  Mixed-Signal Circuit Design and Analysis with MATLAB  Watch
  Radar Systems Engineering and Data Synthesis in MATLAB   Watch
  Radar System Engineering: From Requirements to Deployment  Watch
  Power Amplifier and Digital Pre-Distortion Design with MATLAB  Watch
  RF Design of Wideband mmWave Beamforming Systems   Watch
  Three Steps to Simulate RF Transceivers in MATLAB  Watch
  Design Optimization of Miniaturized Antennas  Watch
  Modeling and Simulating Otava mmWave Beamformer IC  Watch
Software Development and Testing Cybersecurity for your C and C++ Embedded Software with Advanced Static Code Analysis  Watch
  Shift Left to Optimize Your Software Development and DevOps Workflows  Watch
  Hardware-Aware, Model-Based Software Development to Speed Up Embedded Designs  Watch
  Accelerate AI based software development on AURIXTM TC4x with Model-Based Design and optimized code  Watch
  Position Control of a PMSM with Simulink and Microchip 32-bit MCUs   Watch
  Effective ways to debug and enhance the quality of your Embedded Software using Polyspace Static Analysis Solutions  Watch
Artificial Intelligence On-Device Training of Machine Learning Models with MATLAB and Simulink  Watch

Introduction to AI with MATLAB  Watch
  Incorporating Machine Learning Models into Safety-Critical Systems  Watch
  Signal Feature Extraction using Time-Frequency Analysis for AI Workflows
  Applying AI to Real-World Sensor Data using MATLAB and NI Tools  Watch
  Artificial Intelligence: How to Upskill and Prepare Future Engineers  Watch
  AI for Wireless Communication  Watch
  Getting Started with Deep Learning for Radar Systems  Watch
FPGA Design and Verification
Innovative GSPS Signal Processing Solution with MATLAB & Simulink for FPGA/SoC  Watch
  FPGA Prototyping for 5G/OFDM Receivers using MATLAB and Simulink  Watch
  Early FPGA/SoC Design Verification with Simulink and the Vivado Simulator from AMD-Xilinx  Watch
  Full-switching Electric Drive FPGA-based Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation  Watch
  Implementing Field-Oriented Control for a Motor on an FPGA  Watch
  Optimize FPGA and ASIC Speed and Area Using HDL Coder  Watch
  Performing Hardware-Based Verification and Testing on FPGAs with MATLAB and Simulink  Watch
  Performing Hardware/Software Co-design for Xilinx RFSoCs Gen3 Devices using MATLAB and Simulink  Watch