FCA Develops AUTOSAR-Compliant Engine Control System with Model-Based Design

“Model-Based Design lets us develop high-quality AUTOSAR-compliant code through graphical design, simulation, and code generation.”

Key Outcomes

  • Enabled collaboration using models that provide a common language
  • Accelerated development time and ensured software quality by automatically generating code
  • Easily mapped AUTOSAR elements to Simulink
  • Decoupled data definition from models using Simulink Data Dictionary

The Powertrain Global Controls team at FCA, now Stellantis, developed the new generation of its gasoline Engine Control System using Model-Based Design and AUTOSAR with MATLAB®, Simulink®, and Embedded Coder™.

The AUTOSAR standard and the usage of Simulink models throughout the entire development cycle supported the collaboration of geographically distributed teams, minimizing the integration effort and maximizing reuse.