Video and Webinar Series

Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Learn about developing hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) systems using MATLAB® and Simulink®. Explore motor control design, and see how to use equivalent circuits for representing the dynamic behavior of battery cells. Explore battery pack electro-thermal modeling and battery thermal management system design. You will also learn about modeling and simulating HEV systems, creating plant models, developing control systems, and optimizing your models.

Motor Control Design with MATLAB and Simulink Identify core pieces of a field-oriented controller in a Simulink model, and learn how to autotune PI controller gains. Distinguish between dynamic decoupling control and flux weakening control.

Battery Modeling Learn how to build a battery pack using Simscape Battery and conduct battery cell characterization using multiple characterization experiments at once.

Why Model and Simulate HEVs Identify the challenges associated with HEV design and with architecture selection. Understand energy consumption and performance estimates over different drive cycles and identify the impact of component selection.

Creating HEV Plant Models Learn about different methods for creating HEV component models. See how Powertrain Blockset and Simscape tools can be used for HEV modeling, and learn best practices for creating new plant models.

Developing HEV Control Systems Get an overview of HEV control systems and the concept of energy management. Understand control algorithm implementation in Simulink and Stateflow, test your controller, and learn best practices.

Optimizing HEV Models Get an introduction to optimization and learn about MATLAB and Simulink optimization tools. Simultaneously optimize control and component parameters. Find a common set of control parameters for various driving conditions.

Battery Cell Balancing and State of Charge (SOC) Estimation Learn about battery management system tasks. See how Simulink can model a physical plant and the controller for a battery pack. Identify how a nonlinear observer block from the controls library can keep track of the state of charge of a cell.

Battery Thermal Management System Design Explore the components of a battery thermal management system for a small four-passenger EV. Examine a Simscape model for this system, and use the model to diagnose and correct a problem with the control algorithm and investigate energy usage.