Video and Webinar Series

MATLAB Day for Marine Robotics & Autonomous Systems

MATLAB Day for Marine Robotics & Autonomous Systems is a forum for researchers, industry practitioners, educators, and students to showcase and discuss their research and innovations in the areas of autonomous surface and underwater vessels.

It will feature four presentations from academic users and MathWorks, demonstrating use of MATLAB® and Simulink® for design, simulation and development of marine robotics, and autonomous underwater vehicles and surface vessels.

Key Issues for Realizing Autonomy of Inland Vessels Realizing the autonomy of inland vessels can help solve waterway-based transport problems like labor shortage.

Real-Time Simulation and Control of Hydrobatic AUVs Hydrobatic capabilities can enable exciting new use cases for autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) in aquacultures, inspections, under-ice sensing, docking, and manipulation.

Self-Driving Ferries This talk highlights the various challenges and distinctive features that characterize the automation of inland and sea ferries.

Design and Simulation of Autonomous Surface Vessels We will demonstrate how MATLAB and Simulink can help design, model, and simulate ASVs and scenarios.