MATLAB Tech Talks

Explore fundamental concepts in science, mathematics, and engineering by selecting from the following video series.

Learn the fundamental concepts of navigation for autonomous systems.

Learn fundamental control concepts.

Learn fundamental deep learning concepts.

Learn fundamental discrete-event simulation concepts.

Learn about different maintenance strategies and predictive maintenance workflow.

Learn fundamental machine learning concepts.

Learn fundamental motor control concepts.

Learn the fundamental concepts of multisensor tracking and positioning systems.

Learn fundamental state machine concepts.

Learn fundamental wavelet transform concepts.

Learn how systems engineering helps you develop complex projects that meet the program objectives in an efficient way.

Learn reinforcement learning concepts.

Learn Fuzzy Logic concepts.

System Identification concepts.

Learn the fundamental concepts of radar systems.

Phased arrays are multiple sensors that act together to produce a desired sensor pattern and can be steered electronically simply by adjusting the phase of the signals to each individual element.

This video shows how adjusting the gain and phase unevenly to each element in an array provides a lot more flexibility in shaping what that beam looks like and opens up the possibility of adaptive beamforming.

This video covers some of the reasons why multichannel beamforming is required to overcome the problems that we face with modern communication systems like 5G and WiFi.

Learn how you can use digital beamformers to improve the performance and functions of radar systems.