FPGA Image Processing

Target image processing algorithms to FPGA or ASIC hardware

Image and video processing, especially at higher resolutions, is compute-intensive. FPGA and ASIC hardware, which delivers higher performance per watt than software on a general-purpose CPU, can accelerate this process.

Such hardware must also be able to operate on a stream of pixels rather than a full frame at a time as in Image Processing Toolbox™ or Computer Vision Toolbox™. Therefore, image or video processing systems are often split across the FPGA fabric and the ARM® processor of a Xilinx® Zynq® or Intel® SoC.

Example FPGA image processing applications include:

For details, see Vision HDL Toolbox™. FPGA image processing and computer vision consulting services are also available.

See also: HDL Coder™, HDL Verifier™