Video and Webinar Series

Understanding Phased Array Systems and Beamforming

This video series provides an overview of the concepts related to phased array systems. The series covers the basics of sensor arrays and shows how manipulating the signal to each array element independently can allow for complex beamforming. Throughout the series, see how beamforming is important for many applications, such as multifunction radars and wireless communications.

What Are Phased Arrays? Phased arrays are multiple sensors that act together to produce a desired sensor pattern and can be steered electronically simply by adjusting the phase of the signals to each individual element.

An introduction to Beamforming This video shows how adjusting the gain and phase unevenly to each element in an array provides a lot more flexibility in shaping what that beam looks like and opens up the possibility of adaptive beamforming.

Why multichannel beamforming is useful for wireless communication This video covers some of the reasons why multichannel beamforming is required to overcome the problems that we face with modern communication systems like 5G and WiFi.

Why Digital Beamforming Is Useful for Radar Learn how you can use digital beamformers to improve the performance and functions of radar systems.

Visualizing Radar Performance with the Ambiguity Function Learn what the ambiguity function is and how you can use it to see how different pulse waveforms affect radar and sonar performance.

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