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Find, run, and install add-ons, including optional features, apps, toolboxes, and support packages

Add-ons extend the capabilities of MATLAB® by providing additional functionality for specific tasks and applications, such as connecting to hardware devices, additional algorithms, and interactive apps. Add-ons are available from MathWorks® and from the global MATLAB user community and encompass a wide variety of resources, including products, apps, toolboxes, and support packages.

To find, install, and manage add-ons, see Get and Manage Add-Ons. You also can create your own add-ons, including apps and toolboxes. For more information about creating apps, see Package Apps from the MATLAB Toolstrip. For more information about creating toolboxes, see Create and Share Toolboxes.

To share the add-ons you create, submit them to the File Exchange at MATLAB Central. The add-ons you share are discoverable in both the File Exchange and the Add-On Explorer.

Add-On Explorer showing a list of add-ons including MathWorks Toolboxes and Products and Community Toolboxes. To the left of the list are filters for narrowing the list of add-ons and above and to the right of the list is a search bar.


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matlab.addons.installedAddonsGet list of installed add-ons
matlab.addons.isAddonEnabledDetermine if add-on is enabled
matlab.addons.enableAddonEnable installed add-on
matlab.addons.disableAddonDisable installed add-on
matlab.addons.installInstall add-on
matlab.addons.uninstallUninstall add-on
upgradePreviouslyInstalledSupportPackagesGet previously installed hardware support packages and optional features for the currently installed release
matlabshared.supportpkg.getInstalledList of installed support packages
matlabshared.supportpkg.getSupportPackageRootGet root folder of support packages
matlabshared.supportpkg.setSupportPackageRootSet root folder of support packages


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