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Product help, technical support

MATLAB® offers several options for getting help on MathWorks® products. You can access abbreviated function help text in the Command Window, or search the documentation for in-depth, comprehensive help topics and examples. For information on specific issues not addressed in the documentation, contact MathWorks Technical Support.


docReference page in Help browser
helpHelp for functions in Command Window
docsearchHelp browser search
lookforSearch for keyword in reference page text
demoAccess product examples in Help browser
echodemoRun example script step-by-step in Command Window
openExampleOpen a MathWorks example


  • Ways to Get Function Help

    Each MATLAB function has supporting documentation that includes examples and describes the function inputs, outputs, and calling syntax. There are several ways to access that documentation.

  • MATLAB Code Examples

    A standalone example is a readable version of a MATLAB script that shows how to accomplish a particular task.

  • Search Syntax and Tips

    Search the documentation efficiently using basic syntax and some useful tips.

  • Help Preferences

    Specify web or locally installed documentation, filter the documentation by product, configure quick help display, and on non-English systems, select a language.

  • Translated Documentation

    Some MathWorks products provide versions of the documentation in Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian, and German.

  • Bookmark and Share Page Locations

    Add, find, and organize favorites in the Help browser and share the location of a page with others.

  • Contact Technical Support

    Contact MathWorks Technical Support to report a bug or request help.