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Locale settings and messages

MATLAB® offers support for various languages and character sets. You can change the MATLAB desktop language and the display format for information such as time, date, currency. You also can view translated documentation for a subset of MathWorks® products.



Characters Incorrectly Displayed on Windows Systems

Avoid incorrectly displayed characters by setting the Windows® display language, user locale, and system locale settings to the same value on Windows platforms.

Script Compatibility

Plain text files, such as MATLAB scripts or functions, created with one locale setting might not be compatible with a different locale setting.

Limitations to International Character Support

MATLAB does not support non 7-bit ASCII characters in several features.

Unexpected Behavior on macOS Platforms

MATLAB ignores the customized portion of the locale setting on macOS platforms.

X Servers and International Keyboard Layouts

Older X servers might not recognize international keyboard layouts and can produce incorrect characters in Simulink®.