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Cameras and Mobile Sensing

Acquire data from USB webcams, IP cameras, and phone sensors

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MATLAB® supports the following hardware when you install the associated support package.

Support PackageVendorEarliest Release AvailableLast Release Available
USB WebcamsMultiple vendors (UVC-compliant webcams)R2014aCurrent
IP CamerasMultiple vendors (IP cameras that support MJPEG over HTTP/RTSP streams or that support H.264 over RTSP streams) R2014aCurrent
Android® SensorsMultiple vendorsR2020bCurrent
Apple iOS SensorsAppleR2020bCurrent

For a complete list of supported hardware, see Hardware Support.


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Connection and Information

mobiledevCreate mobiledev object to acquire data from mobile device sensors
mobiledevlistList of mobile devices with accessible sensor data (Since R2020b)

Image and Audio

readAudioRead collected audio data from mobile device (Since R2022b)
cameraConnection to camera on mobile device (Since R2019a)
snapshotAcquire single image frame from mobile device camera (Since R2019a)

Position and Motion

accellogReturn logged acceleration data from mobile device sensor
angvellogReturn logged angular velocity data from mobile device sensor
magfieldlogReturn logged magnetic field data from mobile device sensor
orientlogReturn logged orientation data from mobile device sensor
poslogReturn logged position data from mobile device sensor
discardlogsDiscard all logged data from mobile device sensors
readMobileSensorDataImport collected data file from mobile device via USB connection