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Connectivity to ROS-Enabled Simulators

Design and deploy applications to ROS-enabled external simulators such as Gazebo, Unity and CARLA

ROS Toolbox supports connectivity to ROS-enabled simulators for simulation and deployment of applications using MATLAB® and Simulink®. This page lists examples that demonstrate connectivity to these ROS-enabled simulators using ROS Toolbox.

  • Gazebo simulator

  • Unity® game engine

  • CARLA simulator

  • NVIDIA® Isaac Sim

You can design algorithms for perception, motion planning and control of robots and autonomous systems in MATLAB and Simulink and simulate them in the simulators before deploying the algorithms in a real-world environment.

ROS Toolbox acts as a middleware to establish networking between MATLAB and Simulink, and the ROS-enabled simulators. You can set up and connect to entities in the external simulators, and control them using the communication channels created using ROS Toolbox.