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S-Parameters and Linear Components

Touchstone files, S-parameter simulation, lumped and distributed elements

You can specify linear networks by importing S-parameter data files directly into RF Blockset™ models. To plot S-parameter data and the results of rational fitting, use the S-Parameters block. Other RF Blockset blocks enable you to build models using passive components like resistors, capacitors, inductors, and transmission lines.


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Basic Components

ResistorModel resistor for circuit envelope analysis
InductorModel inductor for circuit envelope analysis
CapacitorModel capacitor for circuit envelope analysis
Mutual InductorModel two coupled inductors for circuit envelope analysis
GroundSimulate connection to electrical ground
Z (Impedance)Model complex impedance
AttenuatorModel attenuator for RF circuit
Ideal TransformerModel ideal transformer
Phase ShiftModel phase shift in RF systems
Signal CombinerCompute sum of RF signals
S-ParametersModel S-parameter network
Three-Winding TransformerCompute sum of RF signals
Transmission LineModel transmission line

RF Compound Components

AntennaModel antenna or antenna array accounting for incident power wave (RX) and radiated power wave (TX) (Since R2020b)
FilterModel RF Filter
LC LadderModel LC ladder networks

Simulink Controlled Elements

Variable AttenuatorModel variable attenuator
Variable CapacitorModel variable capacitor
Variable InductorModel variable inductor
Variable Phase ShiftModel variable phase device
Variable ResistorModel variable resistor
ChannelModel isotropic free-space or ray-tracing based channel (Since R2023b)
PotentiometerSimulink controlled potentiometer
CirculatorModel ideal frequency-independent circulators with S-parameters
CouplerModel ideal frequency-independent couplers with S-parameters
DividerModel ideal frequency-independent dividers or combiners with S-parameters
SPSTSingle pole single throw switch
SPnTSingle pole multiple throw switch
SPDTSingle pole double throw switch
SwitchSimulink controlled two–terminal switch
Transducer Gain TestbenchMeasures transducer gain of system