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State Transition Tables

Design modal logic in tabular form

Design your combinatorial logic in tabular form by using state transition tables. State transition tables provide an easy on-ramp for learning Stateflow® and are an ideal solution for simple, process-oriented, sequential state machines. To detect modeling errors, run diagnostic checks, set breakpoints, and step through actions while monitoring data values.


State Transition TableRepresent modal logic in tabular format


State Transition Tables in Stateflow

Express sequential logic in tabular form.

State Transition Table Operations

Construct state transition tables in the Stateflow Editor.

Model Bang-Bang Controller by Using a State Transition Table

Use a state transition table to model a temperature regulator.

Highlight Flow of Logic in a State Transition Table

Use highlighting to visualize a flow of logic in a state transition table.

State Transition Table Diagnostics

Run diagnostic checks on a state transition table.

Debug Run-Time Errors in a State Transition Table

Use breakpoints to debug state transition tables.

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