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Extend Architectural Elements

Add custom properties to architectural elements using stereotypes

System Composer™ provides built-in element types: components, ports, and connectors. Create element stereotypes (2) to extend element types with additional properties that help capture and analyze non-functional requirements. Package stereotypes into profiles (1) to provide self-consistent architectural domains. Share profiles between models to ensure consistency within a project.

Each built-in element has a tag (7). Tags (7) have a name and an optional description. Stereotypes (2) have names and also a set of additional properties that can be used to capture additional data about an element. Model elements can have multiple stereotypes.


createProfileCreate profile
loadProfileLoad profile
applyProfileApply profile to a model
removeProfileRemove profile from a model
addStereotypeAdd a stereotype to the profile
applyStereotypeApply a stereotype to a model element
applyStereotypeToAllComponentsApply stereotype to all components in the specified architecture
applyStereotypeToAllConnectionsApply stereotype to all components in the specified architecture
applyStereotypeToAllPortsApply stereotype to all ports in the specified architecture
removeStereotypeRemove a stereotype from a model element
addPropertyAdd a property to a stereotype
getPropertyGet the property value corresponding to a stereotype applied to the element
setPropertySet the property value corresponding to a stereotype applied to the element
removePropertyRemove a property from a stereotype
destroyRemove and destroy a model element


Define Profiles and Stereotypes

Define specialized model element types based on components, ports, and connectors.

Use Stereotypes and Profiles

Import profiles, apply stereotypes to model elements, and extend existing stereotypes.

Analyze Architecture

Write analyses based on element properties to perform data-driven trade studies and verify system requirements.