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Modeling Electrical Power Systems with Simscape

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This course discusses how to model electrical power systems in the Simulink® environment using the Simscape Electrical™ Specialized Power Systems library (formerly SimPowerSystems™).

Topics include:

  • Creating three-phase systems with passive elements
  • Creating three-phase systems with electrical machines
  • Analyzing and controlling electrical power systems
  • Modeling power electronic components
  • Speeding up simulation of electrical models

Day 1 of 1

Introduction to Three-Phase Systems

Objective: Become familiar with the Simscape Electrical environment by modeling a simple three-phase electrical system.

  • Creating three-phase models
  • Measuring physical quantities
  • Viewing and setting initial states
  • Modeling transformers
  • Simulating nonlinear electrical models

Three-Phase Systems with Electrical Machines

Objective: Create models with three-phase electrical machines.

  • Modeling electrical machines
  • Actuating and measuring machine quantities
  • Initializing machines
  • Selecting solver methods

Controlling Electrical Machines

Objective: Analyze and control the effects of loads and disturbances on electrical machine models.

  • Modeling breakers and faults
  • Controlling electrical machines
  • Improving model readability
  • Parameterizing models

Power Electronics

Objective: Model electrical power conversion and transmission systems.

  • Inverters and rectifiers
  • Transmission losses
  • Connection to Simscape
  • Inverter control
  • Model testing and integration

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 1 day

Languages: English, 日本語, 한국어

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