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Modeling Fluid Systems with Simscape

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This course focuses on modeling fluid systems in Simulink® using Simscape Fluids™. Topics include:
  • Modeling fluid power systems
  • Actuating and controlling fluid system models
  • Connecting fluid, mechanical, and thermal modeling domains
  • Creating custom model components using blocks, data, or equations

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Hydromechanical Systems

Objective: Use Simscape and Simscape Fluids blocks to model the conversion between mechanical and hydraulic energy.

  • Hydraulic modeling in Simscape
  • Data logging and visualization
  • Hydromechanical components
  • Fluid dynamics and properties

Hydraulic Actuation and Control

Objective: Model closed-loop fluid power systems controlled by valves and actuators.

  • Valves in Simscape Fluids
  • Feedback control with Simulink
  • Accumulator control
  • Model hierarchy and solvers

Thermal Liquid Systems

Objective: Model fluid delivery systems that account for gravitational and thermal effects.

  • Thermal liquid blocks
  • Elevation in tanks and pipes
  • Thermal networks
  • Heat exchangers
  • Temperature control

Custom Model Case Studies

Objective: Build custom fluid model components using fundamental blocks, equations, or data.

  • Custom directional valve
  • Empirical valve models
  • Valve optimization
  • Centrifugal pump parameterization
  • Variable-efficiency motor

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 1 day

Languages: Deutsch, English, Français, 中文

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