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Modeling Physical Systems with Simscape

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This course focuses on modeling systems in several physical domains and combine them into a multidomain system in the Simulink® environment using Simscape™.

Topics include:

  • Creating models in various physical domains, such as electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic
  • Interpreting Simscape diagrams
  • Combining Simulink models and Simscape models
  • Modeling energy transfer between different physical domains
  • Creating user-defined Simscape components

Day 1 of 1

Introduction to Simscape and the Physical Network Approach

Objective: Become familiar with the Simscape environment by modeling a simple electrical system.

  • Introduction to Simscape
  • Differences between Simulink and Simscape
  • Building and simulating a model in Simscape
  • Guidelines for Simscape modeling

Working with Simscape Components

Objective: Interpret Simscape block diagrams and identify the physical variables in Simscape by modeling a mechanical system.

  • Describing Simscape component fundamentals
  • Using the Simscape Foundation Library
  • Setting initial conditions
  • Logging physical variables

Connecting Physical Domains

Objective: Connect models from different physical domains to create a single, multidomain model.

  • Creating multidomain physical components
  • Modeling ideal and nonideal connections between physical domains
  • Dividing components into subsystems
  • Parameterizing models

Combining Simscape Models and Simulink Models

Objective: Add Simulink blocks to a Simscape model to increase modeling flexibility.

  • Connecting physical signals and Simulink signals
  • Performing operations on physical signals
  • Controlling physical models
  • Solving models with Simscape and Simulink blocks

Creating Custom Components with the Simscape Language

Objective: Leverage the Simscape language to create custom physical components in Simscape.

  • Simscape language
  • Custom component workflow
  • Complete custom component example

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 1 day

Languages: Deutsch, English, Français, 中文, 日本語, 한국어

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