Display selected bars above a given limit on the histogram

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I have a histogram with 100 bars, the highest bars have about 100 numbers of proporties, but i have a small bars at the end with about 5 numbers of appearances too. How can i display selected bars above for example 10 number of appearances?
I would to make 100 bars for my signal, but select bars which has above X number of appearances.
kewin galuszka
kewin galuszka on 25 May 2022
I wanted to display only "high" bars. On the righ side, there are really low bars, i have to zoom to see something.
But i used a xlim and it is ok for me.

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Accepted Answer

ILoveMATLAB on 25 May 2022
First use histcounts to get the edges and bins
[N,edges] = histcounts(X)
Remove the edges and bins you dont care about
tfKeep = N>10
N = N(tfKeep)
edges = edges(tfKeep)
Plot histogram
I have not validated this code, but it should be correct.

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