I want to plot v/vth as a function of y(where y varies from [0 d] and d=6)

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I want this equation to plot as V/vth (vth=2.5 and V varies as [0 5]) as a function of y( y varies [0 6] where d=6)
phim should be 90 degree, kindely help me to generate a code I have used syms command but i am getting a lot of error.

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Alan Stevens
Alan Stevens on 17 Jul 2022
Edited: Alan Stevens on 17 Jul 2022
The integral is infinite if you let phi go all the way to phim. If you restrict the upper limit of the integral to be less than phim you can get a finite result, but the value of the resulting integral will depend on the value you set for the upper limit.
Also, if you use a value of zero for y, you will get a divide by zero error, so you should probably start y at a small, but non-zero, value.
You can do the above numerically - you don't need symbolics.

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