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How should I access struct when loaded with importdata?

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I have 2 variables called 'see' and 'hear' in 'Task1.mat' file. I am loading 'Task1.mat' using 'importdata' and trying to access see and hear using the code below:
and I am getting the following error:
Thank you.
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dpb on 6 Aug 2022
I avoid importdata like the plague for just such reasons -- it does different things, depending --
In the above code snippet, everything before
is irrelevant and of no value/use -- you replace all those variables immediately, anyway. Remove all that...
We can't really tell just looking at an image what's happening -- attach the .mat file or at least show what
whos -file Task1
returns before running the code with a clear workspace, then
whos task1
If it were my code, and there are the two variables in the .mat file I wanted, I'd just write
load Task1
and use the two variables directly without the overhead of any struct getting in the way.

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