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Matt J
Matt J on 6 Nov 2015
Answered: Walter Roberson on 7 Nov 2015
For some reason, hyperlinks in Answers posts are being rendered in my browser with a dark purple text color, making them difficult to distinguish from surrounding plain text. Is there a way to fix this? Even though I only experience this in Chrome (not IE, for example), I think it must be an issue with the forum and not the browser, since the purple color only happens in the Comment/Answer/Question boxes etc... Other links elsewhere on the page appear in the usual bright blue.

Accepted Answer

TastyPastry on 6 Nov 2015
It's because a link you're putting in your post is most likely a webpage you've viewed recently. Chrome defaults recently viewed links to purple, so whatever hyperlink you have will appear purple to you and blue to others, assuming they haven't been on the page in a while. So the short answer is no, there's not really a way to get around it, though clearing your browser cache might reset the browser's tracking of your recent viewed webpages.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 7 Nov 2015!topic/chrome/vmuxgGrVYDQ

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