need help on a simple question.

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newiuht on 8 Feb 2012
Edited: Matt J on 4 Oct 2013
I've only entered as for the input. however, in the output, it shows "The char is s" and "The char is as". Can I know how do i get rid of the "The char is s" statement? Thank you.
%Prompt the user to enter a character followed by number
char = input ('Enter the character:','s');
num = input('Enter the number:');
%Print all variables in sentence format
fprintf ('The char is %4s\n','s',char)
fprintf ('The num is %5.2f\n', num)
command window:
>> prac2
Enter the character:as
Enter the number:23
The char is s
The char is as
The num is 23.00
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Jan on 8 Feb 2012
CHAR is an important Matlab command, so do not shadow it by using it as a name of a variable.

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Accepted Answer

Chandra Kurniawan
Chandra Kurniawan on 8 Feb 2012
please replace
fprintf ('The char is %4s\n','s',char)
fprintf ('The char is %s\n',char);

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