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Please give latest version numbers of the following modules

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S.No Module
1 Matlab
2 Parallel Computing Toolbox
3 Symbolic Math Toolbox
4 Partial Differential Equation Toolbox
5 Statistics Machine Learning Toolbox
6 Curve Fitting Toolbox
7 Optimization Toolbox
8 Global Optimization Toolbox
9 Neural Network Toolbox
10 Control System Toolbox
11 System Identification Toolbox
12 Robust Control Toolbox
13 Model Predictive Control Toolbox
14 Aerospace Toolbox
15 Signal Processing Toolbox
16 DSP System Toolbox
17 Communication System Toolbox
18 RF Toolbox
19 Antenna Toolbox
20 Phased Array System Toolbox
21 Image Processing Toolbox
22 Computer Vision System Toolbox
23 Vision HDL Toolbox
24 Image Acquisition Toolbox
25 Data Acquisition Toolbox
26 Instrument Control Toolbox
27 Matlab Coder
28 HDL Coder
29 HDL Verifier
30 Filter Design HDL Coder
31 Fixed Point Designer
32 Matlab Compiler
33 Matlab Compiler with SDK
34 Matlab Report Generator
35 Simulink
36 Stateflow
37 SimEvents
38 SimScape
39 SimMechanics
40 SimRF
41 SimElectronics
42 SimPowersystems
43 Simulink Control Design
44 Aerospace Blockset
45 Simulink Coder
46 Embedded Coder
47 Simulink Desktop Real Time
48 Simulink Verification and Validation
49 Simulink Design Verifier
50 Simulink Test
51 Simulink 3D Animation
52 Simulink Report Generator
53 Wavelet Toolbox
54 Distributed Computing Server (32 pack)

Answers (1)

Kiran Kintali
Kiran Kintali on 16 Jul 2023
Installing MATLAB and typing ver displays the latest version information
ver displays:
  • A header containing the MATLAB® product family version number, license number, operating system, and version of Java® software for the MATLAB product.
  • The product name, version number, and release name for MATLAB and all other installed products.
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Rik on 17 Jul 2023
You are aware this is the only question by this user and it is almost 7 years old?

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