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How to plot rows of two matrices in different colors without for loop

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Hey guys, I need your help. So I got two matrices x and y. They are currently 4135*1441 large. So what I want to do is basically something like this:
cc = jet(1441)
hold on
for i = 1: 1441
hold off
but without the for loop. Since the matrices are pretty large it takes forever to plot the picture. Would removing the for loop change the runtime, or will it take forever anyway ?

Accepted Answer

dpb on 11 Dec 2016
Matlab is column-major...
will treat each column as an observation automagically. Colors will cycle through the default set so with so many lines you'll have many sets the same (but with so many lines/data points on a single plot, it'll probably just be a solid blob anyway, so may not matter much :) ).

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