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How do I install simscape library?

Asked by SpaceDuck on 8 Sep 2018
Latest activity Answered by Steve Miller on 1 Apr 2019
I followed the steps on how to install simscape multibody site(as shown below) but I still cannot see the simscape option in my simulink block library. I type on the command window simscape but it returns with a undefined variable. How do I activate this simscape library?


You need to install the Simscape and Simscape Multibody products first.
I can't install it as the site does not allow me to download it. I can only check for campus license which says I am eligible but it did not offer any download button.
I try downloading as a free trial but it just downloads the matlab installer instead which I already had install already.
I already install simulink and I assumed simscape can be done similarly but I see no download/install button.
Free trials do not include Simscape Multibody by default; you would normally have to ask for one. If you have a campus license they would probably just refer you to your IT.
You probably need to get the software from your IT department.

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1 Answer

Answer by Steve Miller on 1 Apr 2019

Simscape Multibody is a separate product from Simscape. You will need to install both if you want to use Simscape Multibody.
If your campus license has Simscape and Simscape Multibody on it (it should, that is fairly standard) then you should be permitted to install both. Perhaps try uninstalling and re-installing. If that does not work, contact technical support with your license number and they should be able to point you to the right resources.


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