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Matlab 2015b : Does Data Dictionary findVars add inport-outport variable names into Data Dictionary ?

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I am trying to migrate base worksapce data to simulink data dictionary. I have created Data dictionary from Model Explorer menu. It first finds referenced variables and add those variables into data dictionary. However, when I try to simulate model with data dictionary alone (with empty base workspace) it is not simulating.
I found that all the variables which are named for Inports and Outports are missing.
I have also tried with below code,
Result of the above command does not contain the variables named after Inports and outports.
Am I missing any settings for data dictionary migration ?
TAB on 23 Oct 2018
Edited: TAB on 23 Oct 2018
Do you mean Simulink.Signal variables are not found with Simulink.findVars(bdroot) command ?
Or the variables which have same name as Inport/Outport are missing ?

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