Add start / stop button in standart simulink scope?

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Robert on 7 Sep 2012
Hello @ all,
after working two years with simulink i want to ask, if its possible to customize the standart scope in simulink. I want to add a button to start and stop the simulation in the scope window.
Can anybody help me?

Answers (2)

TAB on 7 Sep 2012
It is not possible to add any button on simulink scope.
Instead you can design your own GUI having graph, buttons etc. You can control the model from your GUI.

Paul Costa
Paul Costa on 7 Oct 2012
It is not possible to add simulation control buttons to the Simulink scope block. However, if you have access to the DSP System Toolbox, there is a block-based scope called Time Scope which does have simulation control buttons right on the user interface. The Time Scope was a topic recently discussed in the Guy and Seth on Simulink blog.

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