q- d- currents of PMSM drive in Delta configuration

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I measure the line-currents of a Delta-wired 3 phase PMSM (SimScape).
Then, I apply the Park transform to transform abc to dq0.
Now, the output of the Park transform is different from the d- and q- currents that I see in the SimScape result explorer.
When I switch to Wye-configuration. The values are as expected, but the torque is higher than what I would expect from torque = K_t * i_q.
Notice how the idq0Scope (after Park transform) gives different values. (d/q; 10/0 vs 5/-2.887A)
Can anyone explain this difference?
Current controller:

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Mohsen Aleenejad
Mohsen Aleenejad on 31 Jul 2020
Hi Tom,
Could you please tell me if these numbers are the exact values you observe? If not could you please provide the exact values?
Thank you
Mohsen Aleenejad
Mohsen Aleenejad on 31 Jul 2020
I'm happy that could help. Regarding the torque, if I recall correctly, there is a 2/3 constant in the equation, probabley the difference is coming from there and you need to consider it somewhere.

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