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Subscription assignment dimension mismatch when simulations > a certain number of times in parallel computing

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Hi everyone,
I've another question. I'm new to parallel computing. In fact, I've only started trying to use it today. I've the following in a parallel computing environment:
parfor z=1:16;
g=[1 2 3 4 no. of simulations];
When no. of simulations is set to 10, the parallel computing works perfectly. But, ideally, I want to run 1000 simulations in this parfor loop. However, when I tried anything above 10 loops, it stops halfway, and gives me an error of "Subscripted assignment dimension mismatch". The z number of cases are independent of each other.
Would anyone be able to point out what is possibly wrong with my code?
Would appreciate any help. Thanks :)

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Matt J
Matt J on 30 Apr 2013
Does it happen in a regular for-loop (not parfor)? If so, it should be pretty easy to trap with DBSTOP.
jj on 1 May 2013
You are right. It does not work even with a normal for loop beyond g>10. I've tried dbstop if error. It doesn't seem to tell me the line the error has occurred, which is strange.

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