how to reconstruct an image?

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Tia on 4 May 2013
hi.. can you help me? I've these code, example :
image_top_left = I(1:256,1:256);
image_top_right = I(1:256,257:512);
image_bottom_left = I(257:512,1:256);
image_bottom_right = I(257:512,257:512);
then i'll change its position, example :
after all, i want it'll be show as one image can i get it? thank you

Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 4 May 2013
Stitch them together in whatever order you want. The pattern is
[upperLeft, upperRight; lowerLeft, lowerRight]
To do what you tried to do, you'd do this:
scrambledImage = [image_bottom_left, image_bottom_right; image_top_left, image_top_right];
so that now the bottom left of the old image is the upper left of the new image, etc.

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Matt J
Matt J on 4 May 2013
You would do things like this:
I(1:256,257:512)=image_bottom_right; %image_top_right=image_bottom_right

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