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System Failure and Monte Carlo Simulation

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How do i calculate the probaility of system failure if the probability of failure of 4 independent components are as follows, A=0.01, B=0.04, C=0.06, D=0.03. Also, how would i relate this to monte carlo simulation
logan jackson
logan jackson on 30 Mar 2021
Thank you for the answer, yes its if one or more cause failure. Would i need to consider if multiple components fail at once?
William Rose
William Rose on 30 Mar 2021
See the ealrier comment about not-a-homeowrk-servce. And my 2nd answer did tak that into account.

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Accepted Answer

Shubham Khatri
Shubham Khatri on 9 Apr 2021
Given that the probabilities of failure are A=0.01, B=0.04, C=0.06, D=0.03. We calculate the probability that none of the components would fail and subract that probability with 1. This gives us the probability where atleast one component fails (including the possibility that more than one componant fails).
To know more about ,how to use the Monte-Carlo Simulation, please refer to this file exchange link to guide you with the code.
Hope it helps

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