implementing complex multiplication in simulink

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how to build the complex mulitplication block with total 4 inputs(2 real,2 imaginary)

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Pratheek Punchathody
Pratheek Punchathody on 23 Apr 2021
Using the MATLAB Function block, we can create a complex multiplication block with the required number of inputs.
Create a functional block in simulink, by double clicking on this function block write the below function which takes 2 real inputs and 2 imaginary inputs.
function y = fcn(a,b,c,d) %a,c are real inputs and b,d are imaginary inputs
y = c1*c2; % performing multiplication
The following MATLAB function block is created with 2 real inputs and 2 imaginary inputs. The multiplication operation of the two complex numbers are performed and the output is shown with the variable y.
Hope this helps..!


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