Bisection's method

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It's a matlab function that finds a regular real function's zero with the bisection's method.


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function p_min=bisection(func,int,iter,tol_x,tol_f)
% It calculates the zero of a regular real function with one variable.
% p_min is the solution and represents the abscissa's value of the zero.
% The input variables are:
% -func: it's a string that represents the function in the variable 'x'.
% -int: it's a vector with two elements. The first is the minor bound, the
% second is the greater bound.
% -iter: it's the max number of iteration.
% -tol_x: it's the tolerance on the successive steps.
% -tol_f: it's the tolerance on the successive function's values.

It plots the function's and the solution's trend.

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Inspired: Bisection Method Root Finding

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