Collaborating on Research Projects with MathWorks

MathWorks offers awards to researchers working on advanced technology topics that overlap with MathWorks development focus areas for the MATLAB and Simulink product families. The objective of the program is to accelerate and amplify the impact of academic research on production-level technology used by technical professionals working in industry.

Award Types

Potential awards include monetary funding, complementary software licenses, and technical expertise. As part of the research support award, a MathWorks engineer will serve as a technical lead for the research project.

Example Research Support Engagements

Program Outcomes

Researchers who receive an award should plan to share their project results with the research community to advance the research area’s overall progress. Outcomes include but are not limited to:

  • Publishing findings in the research literature
  • Sharing computational content, such as code, models, algorithms, and datasets, via GitHub
  • Creating videos, such as how-to tutorials, technology demonstrations, and technical presentations

In addition, students working on a project supported by MathWorks may be offered the opportunity to complete an engineering internship at MathWorks.

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