MathWorks Teams and Roles

No matter your role, you’ll have a chance to make an impact.

Development and Engineering

Build and support our products, tools, and business applications.

We’re building software that’s transforming the world. Engineers and scientists use MATLAB and Simulink to design smart grids, control spacecraft, crunch big data, perform machine learning, and more.

Sales and Service

Sell and support our products and services.

Connecting with customers every day, sales and service teams reach top accounts around the globe in engineering, science, industry, and academia. Bring your curiosity, drive, and energy to work with us.


Tell our story.

Over 5 million engineers and scientists worldwide use MATLAB and Simulink, so we have some terrific stories to tell. Our marketing teams thrive on the latest technologies, craft compelling campaigns, and develop market opportunities through new product and feature planning.

Business Operations

Run the company engine.

From HR and IT to finance, legal, and facilities, these central groups keep MathWorks running smoothly. With collaboration and innovation, these teams drive the company engine.