Altia Design and DeepScreen

Pixels-to-production solution for designing and simulating HMI prototypes and generating production-ready code for deployment on embedded hardware


  • Seamlessly integrate with Simulink® and Stateflow®
  • Leverage artwork from popular 2D or 3D graphics tools
  • Import artwork into Altia Design and create a working GUI model
  • Automatically generate production-ready code for the same GUI model
  • Scale the same GUI to different hardware and screen sizes
  • Kickstart your GUI project with Altia Engineering Services 


Altia Design is a WYSIWYG HMI editor for graphical interface design, simulation, and model integration. Build graphical user interface (GUI) models from scratch or import graphic assets from popular 2D and 3D software. Altia Design gives you the capability to create your GUI model with third-party content or your own application code. In the end, you get a high-fidelity, functionally complete, and accurate simulation model. Use it to test your code, algorithms, concepts, and systems. 

Altia Design helps engineers build a real-time, interactive control and visualization graphical interface for their Simulink and Stateflow models. This graphical interface, which looks and behaves like the product's real interface, makes model design, debugging and testing more accurate and efficient. The entire development team can use Altia graphics by connecting it to common tools utilized by industrial design, control, electrical, systems and software engineers. 

By connecting all tools to a common graphical interface model, you can achieve precise expression of system behavior and clear communication between the different departments involved in design of the embedded system. Customers and managers who need to make critical development and product decisions can operate and understand the simulation, providing valuable feedback early in product specification and design. The graphical interface can be distributed, viewed, and run on a PC, helping distributed teammates collaborate efficiently by obtaining feedback early in development and tweaking their HMI models for the most intuitive user experience.

Altia DeepScreen is a graphics code generator that transforms your Altia HMI model to deployable code. DeepScreen code generation targets are carefully architected to leverage the assets available on a  selected production platform, thereby achieving the best balance of performance and BOM cost for an HMI project. Altia supports a wide array of hardware and operating systems, so designers have flexibility to swap hardware and scale their UIs. Because DeepScreen automatically generates production-ready graphics code, programmers can focus on developing the more challenging control and application code.

The Altia Connector for Simulink enables users to integrate Simulink models and Stateflow diagrams, resulting in functionally complete, accurate simulations. With DeepScreen, generated HMI code can be combined with code for control logic generated from Stateflow functional models. Creation of standalone executables that include both Simulink models and Altia-based HMIs requires MathWorks code generation products.



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