M-Target for Simulink

Code generation for the Bachmann M1 modular industrial control system


  • Automatic code generation for industrial controls (PLC)
  • Full communication with Simulink using external mode (TCP/IP)
  • Real-time communication with parallel tasks (IEC61131, C/C++)
  • Online access to variables and block parameters
  • Support for all typical automation signal levels, including simulation
  • Fieldbus communication available (CAN, PROFINET, SERCOS, etc.)


M-Target for Simulink® enables the development of closed-loop controls and sequential controllers on the modular M1 industrial control system from Bachmann Electronic GmbH. It is designed as an additional target for Simulink Coder® providing a blockset of M1 I/O cards, as well as variable and parameter interchange blocks.

Automatic code generation enables the deployment of Simulink controller models directly to the PLC/Motion Control without manual coding. The integration of I/O cards in the model enables the simulation of acquisition behavior and hardware-in-the-loop measurements, so that automation system engineering can be performed directly from Simulink.

Controls deployed to the real-time target are not only enabled for communication with Simulink using the external mode, but also can provide data exchange for process variables and block parameters to other applications on the M1 system (IEC 61131, C, C++, Java). You can use execution triggers from hardware signals to latch I/O and position sensors for synchronous, hard, real-time, multi-axis motion. A rich choice of standard I/O cards for typical digital (24V) and analog control signal levels (±1V, ±10V, 0/4..20mA, PT100, PT1000, etc.) is provided, as well as fieldbus interfaces for PROFINET, PROFIBUS DP, CAN, DeviceNet, SERCOS, Modbus, and several more.


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