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Create rectangle centered at origin on X-Y plane


Use the antenna.Rectangle object to create a rectangle centered at the origin and on the X-Y plane. You can use antenna.Polygon to create single-layer or multi-layered antennas using pcbStack.




rect = antenna.Rectangle creates a rectangle centered at the origin and on the X-Y plane.


rect = antenna.Rectangle(Name,Value) sets properties using one or more name-value pair. For example, rectangle = antenna.Rectangle('Length',0.2) creates a rectangle of length 0.2 m. Enclose each property name in quotes.


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Name of rectangle, specified a character vector.

Example: 'Name','Rect1'

Example: rectangle.Name = 'Rect1'

Data Types: char | string

Cartesian coordinates of center of rectangle, specified a 2-element vector with each element measured in meters.

Example: 'Center',[0.006 0.006]

Example: rectangle.Center = [0.006 0.006]

Data Types: double

Rectangle length, specified a scalar in meters.

Example: 'Length',2

Example: rectangle.Length = 2

Data Types: double

Rectangle width, specified a scalar in meters.

Example: 'Width',4

Example: rectangle.Width = 4

Data Types: double

Number of discretization points per side, specified a scalar.

Example: 'NumPoints',16

Example: rectangle.NumPoints = 16

Data Types: double

Object Functions

addBoolean unite operation on two shapes
areaCalculate area of shape in square meters
subtractBoolean subtraction operation on two shapes
intersectBoolean intersection operation on two shapes
rotateRotate shape about axis and angle
rotateXRotate shape about X-axis and angle
rotateYRotate shape about Y-axis and angle
rotateZRotate shape about Z-axis and angle
translateMove shape to new location
showDisplay antenna or array structure; display shape as filled patch
meshMesh properties of metal or dielectric antenna or array structure
removeHolesRemove holes from shape
removeSliversRemove sliver outliers from boundary of shape


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Create a rectangle shape using antenna.Rectangle and view it.

r1 = antenna.Rectangle
r1 = 
  Rectangle with properties:

         Name: 'myrectangle'
       Center: [0 0]
       Length: 1
        Width: 2
    NumPoints: 2


Create and view a rectangle with a length of 2 m and a width of 4 m.

r2 = antenna.Rectangle('Length',2,'Width',4);
axis equal

Rotate the rectangle.


Create a rectangle with a length of 0.15 m, and a width of 0.15 m.

r  = antenna.Rectangle('Length',0.15,'Width',0.15);

Create a second rectangle with a length of 0.05 m, and a width of 0.05 m. Set the center of the second rectangle at half the length of the first rectangle r.

n = antenna.Rectangle('Center',[0.075,0],'Length',0.05,'Width',0.05);

Create and view a notched rectangle by subtracting n from r.

rn  = r-n;

Calculate the area of the notched rectangle.

ans = 0.0212
Introduced in R2017a