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Signal Import and Export

Interface with external signals

Using the file reader and writer System objects and blocks from DSP System Toolbox™, you can read and write data from audio files, binary files, and MAT files. The dsp.SignalSource object and blocks such as Signal From Workspace and To Workspace (Simulink) enable you to import and export signals from the MATLAB® workspace. The UDP Send and Receive objects and blocks enable you to transmit data packets over the UDP network. You can also play audio on the sound card of your device using the Audio Device Writer object and block.


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dsp.AudioFileReaderStream from audio file
dsp.AudioFileWriterStream to audio file
dsp.BinaryFileReaderRead data from binary file
dsp.BinaryFileWriterWrite data to binary files
dsp.MatFileReaderRead MAT file
dsp.MatFileWriterWrite MAT file
dsp.SignalSourceImport variable from workspace
audioDeviceWriterPlay to sound card
dsp.UDPReceiverReceive UDP packets from the network
dsp.UDPSenderSend UDP packets to network


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Binary File ReaderRead data from binary files
Binary File WriterWrite data to binary files
From Multimedia FileStream from multimedia file
To Multimedia FileStream video frames and audio samples to multimedia file
From WorkspaceLoad signal data from workspace into Simulink model
Signal From WorkspaceImport signal from MATLAB workspace
Triggered Signal From WorkspaceImport signal samples from MATLAB workspace when triggered
Triggered To Workspace Write input sample to MATLAB workspace when triggered
To WorkspaceLog data to workspace from Simulink model
Audio Device WriterPlay to sound card
UDP ReceiveReceive UDP packets on a given IP port
UDP SendSend UDP message


Binary Files


Devices and Network