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Area Optimization

RAM mapping, resource sharing, streaming


RAM Mapping for Simulink Models

RAM mapping for Simulink blocks

RAM Mapping With the MATLAB Function Block

How to use RAM mapping optimization with MapPersistentVarsToRAM parameter for MATLAB Function blocks in your model.

Map Matrices to ROM

To map a matrix constant to ROM:If your MATLAB® code meets these requirements, HDL Coder™ inserts a no-reset register at the output of the matrix in the generated code.

Resource Sharing

How to use resource sharing to save chip area.


What is streaming and how to use the optimization to save resources.

Find Feedback Loops

Highlight feedback loops that are inhibiting optimizations.

Subsystem Optimizations for Filters

Select resource sharing and pipeline optimization options.

HDL Optimizations Across MATLAB Function Block Boundary Using MATLAB Datapath Architecture

Apply optimizations inside and across MATLAB Function blocks with other Simulink® blocks.

Featured Examples