Problem 727. Checkerz_000 Kamikazi Kings

Checkerz: A simplified single jump checkers game between a computer bot and a player bot. Multiple jumps are not allowed.

The setup requires the player to copy the entire template into his solution.

The template includes a Shell routine that call the Player, Computer, and the Jump Check routines for move validation.

The player writes his Bot under the player_move routine.

The player will always appear to be playing as White. The players pieces are 1-Pawn and 2-King.

The Computer pieces will appear as 3-Pawn and 4-King.

The board is a standard 8x8 with empty squares as 0.

The player move is an array index from-to. eg mv=[8 15]. Value range 1 to 64.

The routine find_jumps will provide all potential jumps.

If a jump(s) may occur then one must be used. eg mv=[8 22] which jumps a piece on 15.

An invalid move or a missed jump is a Loss.

Input: Board 8x8 array

Output: Move [index_from index_to]

To Pass requires Winning Twice. Once as first move and once as second move.

100 No-capture move series is a Draw

Moves will be displayed

Checkerz_000 Kamikazi_Kings: Random Pawn moves and Kings will hunt the enemy.

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Last Solution submitted on Nov 13, 2015