MATLAB Compiler


MATLAB Compiler

Build standalone executables and web apps from MATLAB programs

Create Standalone Applications

Create standalone applications from your MATLAB programs and share them royalty-free with colleagues, partners, clients, and others who may not otherwise need MATLAB. To create standalone applications from Simulink simulations, use Simulink Compiler. Standalone applications can be complete apps that use MATLAB graphics and UIs designed with MATLAB App Designer or GUIDE, or they can be command-line executables.

Distribute Applications as Docker Containers

Package and distribute your standalone applications as self-contained Docker images. The container image consists of the application, optimized MATLAB Runtime components, and operating system libraries.

Create and Host Web Apps

Create MATLAB apps using App Designer and package them as web apps. Users can access each web app via a unique URL directly from their browser without installing any additional software. Use Simulink Compiler to include Simulink simulations within a web app. Use the development version of MATLAB Web App Server provided with MATLAB Compiler to host your MATLAB web apps and share them with users in your trusted intranet environment.

Microsoft Excel Add-ins

Create custom functions for Microsoft Excel by packaging MATLAB programs as Excel Add-ins. Excel users can access custom functions just as they would any native Excel function. Use interactive tools in MATLAB Compiler to test your code before packaging and deploying it as an add-in. Create Excel Add-ins to perform analyses and simulations within Excel that incorporate algorithms, visualizations, and user interfaces developed in MATLAB.

Create and Execute Tall Array and MapReduce Applications

Create and execute standalone and MATLAB MapReduce applications with tall arrays against Apache Spark–enabled Hadoop® clusters. You can also create and execute MATLAB applications against Spark using the MATLAB API for Spark and create deployable archives from MATLAB map and reduce functions and incorporate them into a Hadoop MapReduce job.

Automate MATLAB Runtime Installations on Big Data Platforms

Configure your big data platform to automatically download MATLAB Runtime and deploy your MATLAB based MapReduce or Spark applications for data analytics and big data processing.

Deploy MATLAB Analytics to Users Who Do Not Need MATLAB

All applications and add-ins created with MATLAB Compiler are executed using MATLAB Runtime, a collection of shared libraries and code that enables you to share MATLAB programs internally with decision-makers and colleagues, or externally with clients and customers. You can package your application with MATLAB Runtime or have your users download it when they install your application.

Encrypted Code and Cross-Platform Deployment

MATLAB Compiler encrypts your MATLAB code files, so your source code remains hidden from users of your applications. Develop web apps on one platform and deploy them to a server or workstation running on any other supported platform. Your end users can install and run the applications on any platform supported by MATLAB Runtime.

Use Interactive Packaging Tools and Customize Installers

Simplify the process of packaging and sharing MATLAB programs with other users. Use MATLAB Compiler apps to interactively package your MATLAB applications. Alternatively, use command-line tools for scripted packaging. You can also create a customized installer for your application with information such as author, splash screen, and version number. 

“Thanks to MATLAB Compiler, we have been able to summarize the entire analysis process into a single executable file. We monitor flight data on a daily basis, and, as a result, we have successfully predicted several journal bearing failures about one month prior to their occurrence.”

Sadanari Shigetomi, All Nippon Airways